Department of Theoretical Foundations of High Technologies

 The department provides training in mathematics, general and theoretical physics, and computer science. 

Currently the following courses for the MSc program are offered:
  • Selected chapters of general and quantum physics (for biologists and chemists);
  • Selected chapters of higher mathematics and information technologies (for biologists and chemists);
  • Physics of low-dimensional systems;
  • Synergetics;
  • High performance computing;
  • Physical methods for the analysis of collective excitations in condensed matter and low-dimensional systems;
  • (Elective) Selected Topics in Physics for non-majors (Physics with a Pencil and a Computer);
  • Modern magnetism: from fundamentals to nanodynamics.
  • Modern nanoplasmonics
  • Nonstandard spectroscopy methods for physical, chemical, and biological nanosized objects

   The department maintains close scientific collaboration with the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Institute of Magnetism, and Institute for Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as with several foreign universities and research centers (see below). All professors and lecturers of the department are actively working researchers with high citation rating that have a considerable experience in teaching and research work abroad.

The main research areas at the department include:

International cooperation :

Partners Topic, contact person
  near-field effects in metamaterials
near-field physics (V.Z.Lozovski)

optical properties of nanocomposites  (V.Z.Lozovski)

magnetic vortex dynamics (D.D. Sheka, V.P.Kravchuk)
ultracold spinor atomic systems
physics of low-dimensional magnetic
        materials (A.K.Kolezhuk)


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