Sector of "Computer Technologies in Education"

Sector of "Computer Technologies in Education" is a part of the laboratory of "Methods of Research Properties of Materials and Structures."

The main focus of our research is the development of online learning programs based on computer modeling and simulation of physical processes and phenomena that can greatly improve the effectiveness of independent student work. Traditionally, Pedagogical Science is based on the assumption that teachers should teach the students according to appropriate learning strategies.

However, in this process a student observes a demonstration or an experiment as a passive observer and usually memorizes somebody else’s knowledge. Recent facts show that students can learn better and remain active studying independently. Many experiments can be done remotely using real measurement data in virtual simulations as well as in remote laboratory works.

The simulation of the physics experiment by means of animation and video is also an excellent demonstration in Physics tutorials. Traditional graphic images in regular textbooks don’t reproduce processes well, and therefore the majority of students have difficulty understanding physics. Computer design gives an opportunity to simplify and make these processes visual and interesting.

To improve learning, remote labs can be integrated into the learning management system (LMS). A student can accomplish laboratory experiments independently and then submit results to the instructor. A virtual approach allows learners to study remotely from a convenient location and use their time more efficiently. It also helps to save funds, since students will use computer simulations instead of expensive laboratory equipment. Students can also create their own virtual experiments to verify their hypotheses and make conclusions independently. It makes a significant contribution to general and conceptual understanding of physics, since it accommodates significantly more laboratory experiments than in a traditional environment.

The projects of the sector include:

  • Development and introduction of modern technologies of computer supported learning process in Engineering Education Use of Authoring tools of Information content development for learning management systems;
  • Development of electronic books, demonstrations of laboratory work and simulation, databases, test methods aimed at analysis of the educational process, the use of activity approach;
  • Development of electronic courses for independent, collaborative and social learning
  • Development of electronic research projects for group learning
  • Development and implementation of distance learning technologies E-learning evaluation
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