Наукові семінари ІВТ

Семінар ІВТ, літній семестр 2015
Доповідач:  Prof. Alla Reznik (Lakehead University, Canada)
Тема:  Advanced Technologies for Medical Imaging, or what Physicists can do for Healthcare”


The ability to detect and diagnose medical conditions accurately and at the earliest stage of disease is often critical for effective treatment and recovery. While imaging devices and technologies have vastly improved our ability to visualize body tissues and processes, they are often coupled to “off the shelf” general purpose detectors that may limit their potential value for specific medical applications and which certainly have not been optimized for particular imaging modalities. The goal of my work is to develop and commercialize the next generation of customized detectors to improve medical imaging applications, including breast cancer screening and minimally invasive cardiac intervention. My talk will focus on the novel materials (including low cost amorphous and polycrystalline semiconductors) and technologies (including both direct and indirect conversion detector technologies) which we propose to improve the capabilities, efficiencies, and costs associated with radiation medical imaging. This in turn improves the capabilities, efficiencies, and costs associated with medical imaging detectors.

In addition, I will introduce a training program in Medical Imaging Detector Technologies that is underway at Lakehead University and highlight some training and collaboration opportunities.



Dr. Alla Reznik has completed her Master in radiophysics and electronics at the Taras Shevchenko University and  PhD in solid-state physics at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. After several years as a Senior Physicist at the GE Medical Systems she decided to return to academia and accepted a Research Associate position at the University of Toronto, Canada.  In 2008 she was appointed a Canada Research Chair in Physics of Molecular Imaging and in 2013 re-appointed as a Canada Research Chair in Physics of Medical Imaging. She is jointly affiliated as an Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Lakehead University and a Senior Scientist, Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute (TBRRI). She is a specialist in photoconductive materials and technologies for radiation medical imaging.  The focus of her work is on solid-state technology for organ-specific Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The goal is an improvement in resolution and sensitivity over commercially available PET imagers. Another focus of her work is on advanced low-dose direct conversion flat panel x-ray imaging detectors based on amorphous selenium (a-Se) and polycrystalline Lead Oxide (PbO) as x-ray-to-charge transducers.











Семінари ІВТ відбуваються по середах, о 14:30 в ауд. 111 Інституту післядипломної освіти (вул. Васильківська 36)  (подивитися на карті) 
З пропозиціями щодо доповідей на семінарі прохання звертатися до О.К.Колежука
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