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The Master of Nanoscale Engineering offers you the opportunity to explore this challenging field in a stimulating scientific and cultural environment. The program is dedicated to a multidisciplinary and international approach and it is suited equally well for students planning an academic or an industrial career. The one or two-year curriculum provides both the theoretical basis and the practical expertise in all fields related to the fabrication, the characterization and the design of nanoscale structures and systems. The program benefits from support by the technological platforms of three key laboratories in Lyon, as well as by major corporations in the Rhone-Alpes region. The Master of Nanoscale Engineering is conducted under the aegis of the University of Lyon by a consortium of three renowned institutions: the École Centrale de Lyon, the INSA de Lyon, and  the Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1.

All lectures (in English), laboratory practicals, internships and thesis projects are carried out in close collaboration with research laboratories in Lyon and they often involve international partners. This strong link between research and education ensures a continuous improvement of the program to reflect the progress of science and technology in this innovative and rapidly-evolving field.
Further details are available on our website: http://master-nano.universite-lyon.fr/

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