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Dr. Dmytro Alexandrovich Grynko ( Grynko D.A.)

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, pr. Nauki 45, Kiev 03650, Ukraine

Phone, Fax: 380 (44) 525 55 30

e-mail: dgrynko@mail.ru , dgynko@isp.kiev.ua

Personal data

Born: April 6, 1959, Korostishiv town, Ukraine.

Married, two sons.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English


  • Ph.D. (Candidate of Sciences) in Technique (Technology of Electronics Materials and Electronic Devices 05.27.06), Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 10.04.2002

  • Engineer-Researcher of Radiophysics department of Kiev State University (Applied Physics and Electronics), 1981

Position held

- Senior staff scientist, Optoelectronics of semiconductor- molecular systems Department, Institute of Semiconductor Physics,2005-present

-Research Fellow, Optoelectronics of organic molecular systems Department, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, 2001-2005

- Research Fellow, Head of group, Engineer-Researcher, Optical Carriers Department, Institute for Problems of Information Recording of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences 1983-2001

  • Engineer-Researcher, Laboratory for optical memory problems of Kiev State University, 1981-1983

Scope of current research interests

Optical functional molecular, nanostructured and nanocomposite thin film media, their gas-phase technology and application, template guided selforganisation, technology of low-dimensional structures

Technical experience

- Nanocrystals, nanowires, nanorods, nanosize monocrystals growth from gas-phase

  • Gas-phase technology for multicomponent nanocomposites films based on fullerenes, nanotubes, organic polymer and nonorganic compounds

  • Gas-phase technology of thin films: CVD, organometallic compounds thermodecomposition and thermooxidation, loose radicals thermogeneration, thermal and electron activated evaporation, nanocomposite nonorganics-organics films growth

  • Gas-phase technology of organic thin films for organic electronics and nonlinear optics: polyflouretylene, polyparaxililene, polyphenylenesulfide, polyethylene, organic dyes, elementoorganic compounds and their based two- and three- component nanocomposites; leveled and covered organic layers

  • Gas-phase molecular layering and orientation, oriented dye based films

  • Gas-phase technology for multicomponent nanocomposites films based on gold nanoclasters, organic polymers and organic or nonorganic additives

  • Basic organic electronic devises and their technological approaches: OLED, PLED, field effect transistors, sensors, quantum crystals

  • Organic semiconductors for optical recording (similar to PVC:TNF): charge carriers transport, generation and injection; study of contacts by internal photoelectron emission, carriers capture

  • Precision electroforming for optical discs stumpers production

  • Recording media and its technology design: direct nanorelief formation under action of focused laser beam in thin films of metal oxide with organic dopants for optical discs mastering and replication

  • Technology of optical discs mastering design: discs-originals, stampers, high-speed Ni electroforming

  • Technological computer control systems design, LabVIEW programming, technological sensors design, optoelectronics measuring systems design, sublimators, evaporators, activators and dosing mechanisms design

  • Analysis and interpretation of thin film research techniques: optical spectroscopy and photometry, optical microscopy, atom-force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Auger-analysis, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, slow electrons diffraction, differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetry, thermostimulated and photostimulated currents transient spectroscopy, computer simulation and data fitting


Scopus author ID 13103664300, Grynko D.A.

1 monography

-70 articles

-56USSR inventions, Ukraine patents, USA, EU, EU countries patents


Some last publications

  1. Yu. М. Barabash, М.А.Zabolotny, D.A. Grynko et.al. Template guided nanostructure synthesis – К.: ІМF NASU, 2010. – 230 p ( In Ukrainian)


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  2. D.A. Grynko, Yu.M. Barabash, I.E.Matyash, B.K.Serdega, e.a.,Modulation polarimetry of topological effects in films of gold-organic nanocomposites, Physics of the Solid State, 2012, Vol. 54, №11, pp.146-153

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